Mobile Home Doors

Elixir Industries’ Series 200 mobile home doors have been a staple in the mobile housing industry since 1948. Series 200 doors are constructed from galvanized steel.  Then attached to a heavy-duty aluminum frame.  This ensures stability as well as safety and security. The folded edge blocks air, light, and water. Other features include highly energy efficient polyurethane foam insulation; with high R-Values.  Adjustable striker plates  Both the frame and the door are dead bolt prepped. In addition, the Series 200 features weather-stripping on the door frame and door core creating a double seal.

Wind damage, Hail Damage, Monsoon, fire, flooding restoration - you need the correct parts to fix these problems and we have them!

200series MH Door

Mobile home doors have many sizes.  They include 30×70 to 36×80 and everything in-between.