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Why Shade Sail Cloths Are Not the Best Choice For Tucson AZ

Tucson Shade Sail

MM Home Supply does not install or sell Shade Sail Cloths.   We can offer a better, more durable, and cost effective alternative to your patio shading needs.

Please review the downside of the use of Sail Cloths - then give us a call.


Downsides Of Installing A Shade Sail

Shade sails do have some drawbacks, and more often than not, these are caused by poor quality shade sails or shoddy installation. Below are some of the common problems associated with the use of shade sails and how you can avoid them.

Sagging In The Middle
If you happen to have one of those cheap and low quality shade sails, you would notice that it tends to sag (especially in the middle part) sometime after you install it. This can be because of the dust and dirt and other objects like dried leaves and even bird’s nests that can gather at the centre of the shade sail. When this happens, the shade sail will give way to the weight of these things, stretch and ultimately sag in the middle.

To keep this from happening, you need to have your shade sails installed properly. Don’t overstretch it and give appropriate allowance and height to keep the water from accumulating in the middle. If you choose the right design and install it properly, you can be sure that your shade sail will not show signs of sagging even after years of being installed.

Posts Start To Wobble
If you’re going to install shade sails, you need to anchor them to a post or the walls. In most cases, after several months or a year, you will notice that the posts where you installed the shade sail will start to wobble. This can be cause by different factors, like the weight of the shade sail plus the dirt and debris that gathered in the middle which makes the shade sail heavy. Another reason is the strong winds that make the shade sail and its riggings move, which can be quite dangerous should it fall down while you’re under it.

This problem can be avoided by taking down that shade sail whenever there is a strong wind or a storm coming, which is why you need shade sails that can be easily detached from its anchors. Doing so does not only keep the posts or wall anchors from loosening but will also keep your shade sail from being blown away.

Holes And Frays
Like any other thing, shade sales will also be destroyed over time, especially when subjected to extreme weather conditions. You will start to see some discoloration, as well as some holes made by insects or birds. Oftentimes, the threads on the edge of the shade sail will start to loosen and become frayed. Add this to the bird droppings and the silhouette of the dried leaves and dirt and you’d have a shade sail which becomes an eyesore.

In order to avoid this, make sure that you buy quality shade sails made from durable materials. High quality shade sails are made with durable fabric that don’t easily fray and loosen when stretched. Also, the colors are bound to last longer, thus assuring you that you’ll have a great and functional shade sail even after years of having it installed.

Prone To Catching Fire
One of the biggest concerns of people who install shade sails is that it is prone to catching fire. This is most true for flimsy shade sails made from low quality materials. Thus, aside from buying good quality shade sails, be sure to have a fire extinguisher in hand, as well as keep other fire inducing materials within safe distance from the shade sail.

Not All Shade Sail Cloths are Quick To Install And Remove
Some shade sails can be installed easily, so you can immediately see how much it changes your house’s or establishment’s appearance.  One thing you need to keep in mind is that the shade sail must be easy to take down as well, just in case there’s a strong wind or storm that threatens.