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Tucson Sun Shades

Tucson Sun Shades Structures – A wonderful choice is Alumalattice . Arizona Sun shades is possibly the most efficient avenue for comfort from the blazing sun and heat. A Tucson Sun Shades can make your patio cool and private for family gatherings. This is the most typical version of sunshades made from aluminum flex pans snapped on to aluminum stringers. The flex pans are available in a variety of colors.

Tucson Sun Shades or Lattices

Lattice sun shades covers will add beauty to your outdoor living space and make time spent outside with family and friends more enjoyable. Mother Nature packs a punch… Now you can hit back!

  • More Shade to EnjoyLattice
  • No Painting – Ever
  • No Warping or Cracking – Guaranteed
  • No Insect Infestation
  • No Rotting like other materials
  • Lifetime Warranty

All parts are constructed from heavy gauge, top of the line aluminum. This gives you the look of traditional building materials. There is nohassle, maintenance, and replacement costs associated with wood and other products. Available Lattice Colors All extruded aluminum framework. Benefit – Strength and durability Alloy and Temper Proper gauge, alloy and temper of Panels, Posts and Accessories Benefit – Strength, formability, corrosion resistant Alloy and Temper – Panels Posts and Accessories Two-Coat Paint on Panels, Tubes and Accessories Benefit – Primer gives good adhesion and flexibility for Finish coat which provides weatherability and protection against atmospheric corrosion Specs – Baked on Primer Coat; Baked on Polyester Finish

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Tucson Sun Shades

Living in the desert can be harsh if you are not prepared for it. Arizona has all kinds of desert weather that might surprise you. Yes, it can get unbelievably hot in the summer, but you should also expect humidity. You might even run into some monsoons on occasion. Thus, not only do you need to battle the excruciating heat at times, but you also have to battle the humidity and the risks it can pose to your home and health. As long as you keep up on your home maintenance in Arizona, you should be able to live comfortably all year long.  

The energy contained in sunlight can easily damage the surfaces of your home, as well as the furnishings inside. Taking steps to protect your furnishings from sun exposure is the best way to prevent fading, warping, cracking, and other damage. Options such as awnings and sun shades allow you to enjoy the natural light of the sun inside your home without putting your furnishings at risk.

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